Behind the Scenes of a Talk Show: LizzieB on The View From the Bay


Ever watch a talk show and wonder what in the world goes on behind the scenes? Well, I’m gonna show you!  Today, I brought my video camera along while I got ready for a live tv segment on ABC-7′s, The View From the Bay. Let me tell you there’s a whole lot of prepping that goes way before the show ever goes live. Including me practicing my “eco-friendly products” segment at home in between preschool drop off and pick up. Take a look…

So, did you love the video of me with no makeup and the crooked glasses at the beginning of the video? Or how about me at the end with eyeliner sliding down my eyes? LOL. It was a long day but I can’t begin to tell you how much I love doing “live” television. I think part of it is the adrenaline rush I get that reminds me of my old tv news days.

Oh, I guess I should tell you a bit about my actual segment.  It featured all my favorite eco-friendly products for families. And folks,  as much as I wish I was getting paid (boy, how I wish), I did “not” get paid by any of the companies.

* Diaper Dude Messenger Bag:
* Tasty Baby Organic Gummy Treats:
* Honest Tea Kombucha & Teas:
* Green Toys Recycle Truck:
* Kid Basix Sippy Cup & Sporter:
* Carved Solutions Personalized Soaps:
* California Baby Supersensitive Hair & Body Wash/Conditioner/De-Tangler:
* Om Aroma Sweet Baby Oil & Creme Bebe:
* Mixed Bag Designs Recylable & Reusable Tote Bags:

Now, that you’ve seen the “behind the scenes” video of a talk show, here’s a look at how it all turned out! (CLICK HERE OR ON PICTURE TO WATCH VIDEO)